Printer Friendly Version The entry procedure for foreign nationals to ''Kosovo'' @ 23 April 2016 03:44 PM

Foreign nationals requiring a visa to enter the Republic of Serbia, can visit ''Kosovo'', provied they have a valid visa of the Republic of Serbia and entry stamp of border authorities of the Republic of Serbia. It will enable them to travel from central Serbia to ''Kosovo'' and return, through one of designated administrative crossings: Merdare, KonĨilj, Rudnica, Mutivode, Depce i Brujak;

Foreign nationals who do not require visa to enter the territory of the Republic of Serbia, are required to obtain the stamp of the Serbian border authorities in the passport when entering the Republic of Serbia (for example via border crossings at Belgrade Airport, Horgoš, Bajakova etc.), which will later enable them to cross the administrative line with ''Kosovo'', through some of the abovementioned administrative crossings;

Foreign nationals who entered directly to ''Kosovo'' (for example via Priština Airport or through some of the neighboring countries - Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia) and, after that, have intention to visit central Serbia, will not be allowed to cross the administrative line.