Printer Friendly Version Customs procedures for imports of Humanitarian Aid in the Republic of Serbia @ 19 May 2014 06:20 PM

Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia ordered all customs offices in the Republic of Serbia to process shipments of humanitarian aid entering the customs territory of the Republic of Serbia and their reporting for referral to the destination, considered a priority, in accordance to all required customs procedures and processes.

If the driver who brings the goods into the customs territory is without the customs representative, the customs officer present will inform him of the possibility of an oral declaration, in which case the obligation of the customs officer is that he forms and processes the transit declaration in ISCS for that shipment, delivers the appropriate documents to the driver and sends him to the final destinations customs authority.

Also, in order to ensure proper control, and if the driver does not provide appropriate instrument securing the customs debt that may arise in the process of transit of goods the involved officer will be sure to make copies of the transit declaration and supporting documentation which remains in the border customs office, attaching a copy of the travel document or other appropriate documents of the driver.

Regarding the approval process of the required customs procedure with the shipment in the destination customs offices, will also be given priority. Regulations on customs approved treatment of goods provided that the declaring oral declarations for release for free circulation may, among other things, file for non-commercial goods of minor economic importance, if approved by the customs authority. Regulation prescribes that, the temporary importation procedure may be declared orally along with other goods, if the customs authority approves it.

Customs Administration, with respect to the specific notice of the arrival of certain humanitarian shipments, organized the necessary manpower.